Name St. Kitts Panoramic Tour
Start Time 9:00a-11:00a (Local Time)
Economy Vehicle $70 USD
Luxury Vehicle Vehicle $150 USD
Minimum Number of Persons 4
Group Travel Available for 4 or more persons at $65 USD per person
Children Under 5 Free

This Tour Includes

Port Zante/or Local Hotel

· Basseterre

· Fairview's Great House and Botanical Garden

· Brimstone Hill Fortress

· Timothy Hill Overlook

· Light Refreshments Served

· Shopping at Tour Sites

Activity Level:This tour requires average physical activity.  You should be in good health, able to climb stairs, walk reasonable distances, and over uneven ground and cobblestoned paths or streets.

Your tour starts at Port Zante/or a local hotel where you will be picked up in a taxi/or luxury vehicle.  As you travel through Basseterre, your tour guide will point out the historical sites of Berkeley Memorial, Immaculate Conception Catholic Cathedral, Independence Square, and The War Memorial. Upon arrival at Fairview's Great House and Botanical Garden, you will enjoy a guided walk around the great house which is believed to have been initially built in 1701 by the French. 

This Great House has had many owners and inhabitants over the years, each leaving their mark and contributing to the unique history of the property and Botanical Gardens. 

The next stop is Brimstone Hill Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Timothy Hill Overlook is the final stop on the tour, you will embrace a 360-degree view includes the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, Friar’s and Frigate Bays, and Nevis. Afterwards, you are returned to Port Zante/or your local hotel.