Name Beach Adventure Tour
Start Time 9:00a-11:00a (Local Time)
Economy Vehicle $50 USD per person
Intermediate Vehicle $75 USD per person
Luxury Vehicle $175 USD per hour
Minimum Number of Persons 1-4
Group Travel $45 USD per person for an economy vehicle
Children Under 5 Free

This Tour Includes

· Port Zante/or Local Hotel

· Basseterre

· Cockleshell Beach ($20 USD roundtrip per person in an economy vehicle)

· Intermediate Vehicle at the top of page $75 USD per person.

Activity Level: This tour requires average physical activity. You should be in good health, able to climb stairs, walk reasonable distances, and over uneven ground and cobblestoned paths or streets.

Your tour starts at Port Zante/or a local hotel where you will be picked up in a taxi/or luxury vehicle. In Basseterre, you tour guide will point out the historical sites of Berkeley Memorial, Immaculate Conception Catholic Co-Cathedral, Independence Square, The War Memorial, and many other treasured historical sites.

The final stop on your tour is Cockleshell Beach, where you can relax, snorkel, jet ski, paddleboard or soak up the sun. At the end of the tour, you are returned to Port Zante/or your local hotel.